Case Study: Morrison Utility Services


Fabrication and installation of pipework on the interior and exterior of a storm tank. Due to the adverse weather experienced during late 2013 the original tank collapsed completely. This meant that the tank had to be rebuilt and all pipework replaced. This was a time limited project and we had to meet a strict deadline.


K&G were given drawings to illustrate the intended design of the pipework. It was however vital for us to attend the site to take our own drawings to ensure accuracy.

We sent our project engineer to the site the same day as receiving the enquiry. As a result of preparing drawings for the following day, we were able to order the pipework, which, when received, was TIG welded together and cut to size based on our drawings.

Transporting the pipework to site and installation took place within the agreed timeframe and our engineers installed the pipework to the correct specifications.

All pipework was installed and attached to the pump, valve and tank already in situ.


The pipework was completed and we were able to deliver an important aspect of the customer’s overall job whilst maintaining high health and safety standards as well as exactly matching the customer’s initial request, staying within agreed timeframe and budget.


On-site Installation

Engineering Facilities Management

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